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Email Parser 5.9 for Windows

November 2, 2021

This is mainly a bug fixing release where some minor issues in the user interface have been addressed. It also contains fixes for the connection problems with Office 365 that some users noticed.

The detailed list of changes is as follows:

  • Fixed connection stability issues when connecting to Office 365 through Exchange.
  • Fixed connection stability issues when connecting to Office 365 through its own protocol.
  • Fixed the UTF-8 encoding error that appeared when connecting to Office 365 servers via IMAP.
  • Fixed the duplicate processing of some Office 365 emails when deleting or moving emails.
  • Fixed the Internet Explorer Trusted Zones warning after installing Email Parser in Windows Server.
  • Moving the arrows in the left panel is now easier thanks to an increased draggable area.
  • TLS is now set as default in the send email and forward email actions.
  • Fixed the OAuth panel not updating when the email address changed (OAuth is used in Office 365, Gmail and Google Sheets).
  • Fixed the “Item with id X does not require OAuth to work” error of the OAuth panel.
  • Updated the “quick tip” image of the conditional run action.
  • Fixed the word wrapping that was incorrectly applied on the output of the testing area when editing the field parsing rules.
  • When a field is of type Attachment reader now an arrow is drawn starting from the field AttachedFileName in the left panel.
  • Added a link to the Microsoft connectivity test under the Exchange source quick tips.
  • Removed the menu icon that was incorrectly showing in the processed email log.
  • Better placement of toolbar icons on narrow screens.
  • Updated icon for the script action (C#).

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