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Increasing the price for the Windows app

September 29, 2022

Starting as of today, we are increasing the Windows app price from USD 79 plus taxes to USD 145 all taxes included. This price change applies only to the Windows app and for the new customers. Existing customers are not affected.

I have a running subscription. Will I pay more in the next charge?

No. Price increase is only applied to new customers. We keep the price for the existing customers. We want to thank the loyalty of them as many purchased a license key more than 5 years ago and happily moved with us to the new subscription model implemented last year.

From USD 79 plus taxes to USD 145 all taxes included. Why so complicated?

Previous pricing was a mess. Some users paid only USD 79 if they were tax exempt, others paid more depending on their location. We simplified it with a fixed price for everyone, as most software providers do.

Is the Web app affected by this price change?

No, the web app keeps the same price and we do not plan to change it anytime soon.

Why do you increase the price?

Hosting and other supplier costs have risen a lot during the last year. Also, we recently put a lot of development resources on new versions and plan to keep the effort in the future.

I find the new price of the Windows app expensive

Sorry for that. If you are a non-profit, a charity or an educational institution, we offer big discounts. Please, send us an email to

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