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Email Parser 6.1 for Windows

May 24, 2022

This is mainly a bug fixing release where the most notable fixes are related to errors and missed emails when processing large batches of emails on some email accounts. Other minor improvements have also been made, such as the use of plain text logs (instead of HTML) and cosmetic improvements in the user interface. The detailed list of changes is as follows:

  • Fixed the issues that caused unprocessed or missed emails under some configurations.
  • Fixed random process restarts when processing large batches of emails (>1000).
  • Lower memory footprint when processing large batches of emails (>1000).
  • Field testing now highlights delimiters in starts after… continues until…, not only the captured text. When using capture groups in regular expressions the capture group is also highlighted in the input text. This makes easier coming up with the correct parsing rule.
  • When an email account connection is failing, reconnecting now happens faster.
  • HTML is no longer used as a format for the log. Plain text (TXT) is now used for better integration with log tools and text editors. It also makes searching for errors quicker in large logs.
  • Fixed bad filter combination execution when the rule “any of the following filters must block this email as well” was selected. Now it always works as expected.
  • Internal database size is now allowed to grow bigger. If you process thousands of emails and see the message “This email has been processed but its log has been removed to save space database space.” Now this message will appear less often.
  • Fixed the error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when reading attached files in the testing area of the field settings.
  • Simplified Attachment reader. Now relevant options are shown up. Better ‘Quick tip’ explanations.

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