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Version 3.1 Preview release (for testing only)

May 24, 2013
This beta version is intendeded for testing purposes only and for the users who want to try the latest features. The installation file is available here. Feel free to report any problems you may find at the forum or via the support form. The changes are the following:
Feature Emails can now be marked for reprocessing under Email source settings -> History -> Reprocess email
Feature Body field is now included in the email filter rules along with the rest of the email header fields (From, To, Subject…). This will allow to easily, for example, check if the email body contains a given word.
Feature Scripts can now reference external DLLs
Feature Attachment can be shown and saved when viewing a processed email under Email Source settings -> History -> View Email
Feature Fields created within script action are now visible for the next actions in the chain.
Change Filters are automatically disabled when their email source is disabled
Fix Clicking stop button while checking an IMAP email source produced an error message
Fix Reading some Outlook PST files caused an error.
Fix User authetication on POP over SSL failed on some servers.
Fix Testing row insertion on Excel failed
Fix Field values uses in the MySQL processes are now converted to valid SQL strings to prevent errors on field values with special characters
Fix The web link that opens the tutorial on how to locate the Outlook PST file did not work
Fix DateTimeSent field was not correctly retrieved on emails from POP email sources.

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