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Version 2.0.4 Released

September 12, 2011
– [Fixed] The check box “Use secure login” in the kind of process that send emails does not update the SMTP port. – [Fixed] The button “Insert field from parser” into the body does not work. – [Fixed] Already processed emails are proceseed again under some configurations. – [Fixed] processes window does not properly close after clicking “Save”. – [Fixed] Left panel width is now fixed and automatically calculated. – [Feature] The flow of data between the email sources, parser and processes are shown with arrows on the left panel. – [Feature] Version and licensing information is shown on Preferences->About.

Version 2.0.3 Released

September 1, 2011
This new release fixes minor bugs reported by the users since the last release: – [Fixed] Some emails are processed again even if they are already processed. – [Fixed] Button position on the left pane of the main window is wrong under some main window sizes.

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