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How to save an attached file in a Microsoft SQL Server Database

May 22, 2014

Email Parser can save attached files from an incoming email to a given folder with the “Save attachments” action. Setting this up is quite easy and straightforward as it only requires to enter the folder where the attachments will be saved.  But in the case you want to save the file contents to a database this requires a bit of more work. This blog post shows how it can be done in a Microsoft SQL server database.

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Saving data to CSV files

May 16, 2014
CSV (Comma Separated Values) files are plain text files used to store tabular data, like Excel files or database tables, although in a much more limited way. Each line of the file stores a record (row) and each value (column) is separated by a comma character. Sometimes a tab, a semicolon or other character is used as separator. For example, a CSV file contains the following data:
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How to arrange separately captured text values into one

May 6, 2014
Let’s say we have an email containing the following line:
date: 04-06-2004
But what we need is the date backwards (2004-06-04) and insert this text value in an Excel file. First we have to set up an email parser item to capture the day, month and year separately from the incoming emails. We have to use the regular expression: read more …

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