How to arrange separately captured text values into one

May 6, 2014
Let’s say we have an email containing the following line:
date: 04-06-2004
But what we need is the date backwards (2004-06-04) and insert this text value in an Excel file. First we have to set up an email parser item to capture the day, month and year separately from the incoming emails. We have to use the regular expression:
And we need to create three new fields to store the date components: day, month and year. The regular expressions to capture each of them separately are:
The resulting email parser item applying each of this regular expressions is: (click to zoom) email_capture_date Once we have the captured day, month and year we arrange them in a new date format using an process called “static field values”: (click to zoom) build_date_bacwards And finally, with the new generated field, containing the date value in the format we really need, we insert it in an Excel file. excel_file_save_email_contents   The overall process as seen in the Email Parser left panel looks like this: final_set_up_capture            

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