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Email Parser Web App updated

April 8, 2021

We have updated the web version of Email Parser adding AWS lambda scripting support, a lot of bug fixes, and small improvements. Except for some limitations, now the Web app is on par with the latest release of Windows app.

If you were using Google Sheets or Gmail in the Web App just note the following changes:

  • You need to use IMAP to access your Gmail account. For this, you have to create an app-specific password in your Google account. More info in this guide.
  • You will also notice that all your Google Spreadsheets are no longer visible from Email Parser. This is because, with the latest changes in the way we use the Google API, Email Parser can only see the spreadsheets created by itself, not your full Google Drive. Now you need to create a blank spreadsheet from Email Parser (not from Google Spreadsheets) and then use it to export your email data as usual. After its creation, you can go to Google Spreadsheets and change its format, manually add some data, etc. Email Parser will just add new rows below.

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