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Email Parser 5.5 for Windows

October 16, 2020
  This new release contains a set of fixes and one enhancement over the last release. These are the changes:
  • [New] Exchange and Office 365 shared folders are now supported.
  • [Fix] The status of an email source is now more accurately shown. Previously there was a couple of second lag between what is shown and the actual connection status.
  • [Fix] Fixed an app crash that happened occasionally when adding an action¬† of type Field parse.
  • [Fix] The links in the app that open the browser instead of doing something else now have the icon.
  • [Fix] The app was crashing when logging out of a Windows 7, 8, or 10 machine via RDP.
  • [Fix] Moving an email to another folder was failing on some old Exchange servers.
  • [Fix] Saving attachments was not working when not using the default file names.
  • [Fix] Extracting text from the attached files was not deleting a temporary file used to store the text.
  • [Fix] Writing data to a CSV file was keeping the file open (and locked) after running for a couple of seconds
  • [Fix] Emails (or files) from a file system folder were sometimes parsed twice for no reason.
  • [Fix] SQL Server and MySQL actions were not correctly handling line breaks in the SQL sentence.
  • [Fix] Running the HTTP API action in a loop was not holding all server responses, only the last one.

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