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Email Parser 4.6

September 4, 2017
This release comes with many changes, but most notable tweaks are in the user interface (easier to use) and also Gmail accounts are now supported directly via the Gmail API. The detailed list of the changes is the following:
  • “Automated processes” are now called “Actions”.
  • Email Parser fields can now be tested “on the fly”. No longer needed to switch to the testing tab.
  • Wildcard expressions have been deprecated. 99% percent of the users do not actually use it.
  • Much better high-DPI screen support
  • Support of the Gmail API directly. No longer needed to enable IMAP access to parse emails in your Gmail account
  • Attachment content is now automatically included as a field called “AttachmentContent”. Setting this up in the email source settings is no longer needed.
  • A shortcut link in the output window that says “More details” opens the processed email with all its data.
  • Many changes on how the Actions are chained. Mostly UI based. Now it is easier to understand their run conditions and how they are chained together.
  • Email Parser running as a Windows Service is now included by default in the installer. There is no need to download an “add-on” package. However, the Windows Service is not actually installed until the user chooses to run Email Parser this way.
  • A faster response of the left panel. If you have many email sources, email parsers and actions you will notice the difference.
  • Many other “under-the-hood” minor changes and bug fixes.
  • Many UI tweaks for making the interface easy to use.

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