Email Parser

Extract data from incoming emails and automate your workflow

Email Parser 4.7

This new release comes with many new features and changes. Most notably the support forĀ processing your emails online but also the support for Google Sheets and Office 365/Exchange accounts. For a more detailed list see below:

  • [New] Tabbed interface. Now you can keep open multiple items (email sources, fields, actions etc) at the same time.
  • [New] Automatic save of the changes. There is no longer the classic Save or Cancel buttons. Every change you make to an item is automatically saved
  • [New] Simplified Processed emails window. Less buttons and less clutter. Only the important things are shown.
  • [New] New text capture method to capture HTML tags.
  • [New] Email Parser can now parse your emails online. See What is Email Parser Online for more information.
  • [New] Support for Google Sheets
  • [New] Support for Office 365 email addresses and Exchange
  • [New] A new icon. Why not?
  • [New] Now you are able to move an email from one folder to another as part of the process.
  • [New] Parsing a field is now available also as an action. Previously it was available only within an Email Parser
  • [Change] Fields are now directly show in the left panel. There is no longer needed to open an Email Parser item to show a field settings
  • [Change] “Email history” is no called “Processed emails“. We think naming it this way it is more clear what this window actually does
  • [Fixes] Faster script actions execution
  • [Fixes] And a ton of little tweaks here and there.