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Email Parser 5.0

October 19, 2018
  • [New feature] Faster email processing thanks to the automatic email retrieval. There is no longer needed to set a periodic time value to check emails under preferences. Emails are automatically processed as they are received at the email server.
  • [New feature] The “Email History” or “Processed Emails” window is no longer available. Instead of that you can see all your emails in your account (as any email client, such as Outlook) . If the selected emails happens to be already processed more information is available.
  • [New feature] New actions to integrate with online APIs: HTTP action and Zapier integration
  • [New feature] The email source type that allowed you to just retrieve email files (.eml and .msg formats) from a normal folder in your computer now also allows you to accept any type of document file. It will automatically create a blank email and attach that document as if it was sent in an email.
  • [New feature] A different way to parse attached file. Email Parser now reads the attachment contents when the user creates a field of type “Attachment reader”. This allows to fine tune the way conversion to plain text is done and also speed up email processing to those users who do not care about attachments as they are not read by default.
  • [Fix] Much faster run mode change.

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