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Email Parser 2.0 has been released

June 30, 2011
Most of the changes and new features are focused on making Email Parser capable of integrating custom developed scripts for performing email filtering, parsing or launching any kind of operations. Of course, the most simple and widely used ways to do these tasks are still available without the need to do any scripting, this is only useful to users with very specific needs that cannot be met with the usual options already available in the last version. Other remarkable feature has been the support for Outlook folders as email sources as many user have requested. This new release also comes with a ton of bug fixes and many improved usability issues. A detailed list of new features: – [Feature] Support for Outlook folders as email source. – [Feature] Email sources no have a history tab that shows every processed email. – [Feature] Settings can now be easily backuped up and restored from the preferences dialog. – [Feature] An email message that has been already processed can be set to be reprocessed. – [Feature] New email filter rule based on custom script for advanced email filtering. – [Feature] Completely reworked simple email parsers. Now easier to set up and test. – [Feature] New script-based email parsers for advanced email parsing. – [Feature] New kind of process: Run external program. Allows to launch command line programs or apps with parsed fields as parameters. – [Feature] processes can now be fired by other processes. – [Feature] New kind of process: Script-based process. For advanced and custom processes. Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to participate in the forum or just contact us.

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