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Email Parser 4.0 Released

November 30, 2013
This new release comes with many improvements and fixes:
New Completely redesigned parsing. Setting up the text capturing is now much easier. Five different text capture methods that can be combined.
New Email Parser service. Run the program in the background as a Windows service.
New Email Parser cloud. We host your Email Parser configuration.
New Now you can define field values to store common settings for the rest of the items such as database address, SMTP user etc.
New Ignore older emails directly from the email source. Useful for inboxes full of old emails you do not want to process.
New Autocheck email sources period can be set down to 1 second.
New Choose what do you want to process first: newer or older messages
New Regular expressions also available for email filtering.
New Redesigned email filtering view. The different UI elements are now arranged in two tabs
New HTML log files. A more convenient view of what Email Parser did.
New View individual field values for each email in the email history window.
New Left panel arrows are now highlighted when an item is selected to quickly view the flow of data.
New Individual field testing. Check if your text capture method works without testing the full email parser.
New Now you can save your settings with or without saving also the email history.
Fix Faster email listings under the email history. Much improved memory management.
Fix Faster email processing thanks to separate processes for the UI and email processing.
Fix Lower memory footprint. Process thousands of emails without taking too much RAM.
Fix nd many minor tweaks and adjustments.

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