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Email Parser 4.5

December 5, 2016
This new release mostly contains bug fixes and gives us back the Windows Service feature to parse emails completely in the background. It also have some performance improvements:
  • Much faster email processing when database has many emails
  • Fixed email parser testing full parser. The testing shown empty results on some installs.
  • Fixed the double click in an email parser field list. Edit window now appears.
  • Email filter table now has more space between items. Better readability.
  • The email parser list that shows all the fields available now enables the remove button again when a field is selected
  • The email editor button “Save email as .eml file” works again
  • Fixed the email history list item text colour when an item is selected. Better readability.
  • Fixed¬†some email wrongly typed words here and there.
  • Slightly bigger email viewer and now centred in the email history screen.
  • Added a “…” button in the email history to show the useful but unknown context menu
  • Windows Service is back to work again
  • When that max amount of emails are reached in the email history oldest emails are removed and database file is compacted

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