How to filtering incoming emails based on a white list

    This example explains a different way of filtering emails. Usually you will use the email filter items to select which emails go further in the processing and which emails are discarded. In this example, however, we will use the Define static field values to create a list of email addresses that we think they are valid senders. Let’s see how the left panel looks:  

  The most important item is the one called “Vendor Whitelist” it contains the list of accepted email addresses:  

  In order to check if an email is from one of the senders we use a loop and a condition:


  The combination of these actions will make that the action “Forward on whitelist” and any following actions to this one will be run only if the sender of the incoming emails is one of those in the whitelist. Notice that the run condition of the action “Forward if on whitelist” is set to “When the condition is met”


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