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How to reprocess already processed emails

email history buttton


The email history window shows an overview of any email that have been processed by Email Parser. This window is very useful because, once you have configured the program and let it work in the background, you can open this window and see what Email Parser did for every incoming email.


marking emails to be parsed again


If you want to reprocess an email that Email Parser has already processed you have two choices:

  • Delete the email from history and click again on “Check email sources and process emails button”. In this case the email will be retrieved again from the email source as it was a new message. Of course, this only happens if the email has not been previously deleted from the email source.
  • Click on the “Flag email for reprocessing” button. This is the recommended way. Email Parser will be process the email along with the new emails (if any) when the new emails are checked.