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Email Parser running modes

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Running Email Parser as a Windows service

What is Email Parser Online?

Limitations of Email Parser Online



Run Email Parser as a standalone application (default)

This is the default running mode. The email processing is done only if you keep the application open. As soon as you close Email Parser email processing will stop and to resume it you need to open Email Parser again.

Connect to Email Parser Windows Service

Email processing will take place in your computer but in the background. You can close the application and new emails will be processed as usual. The Email Parser Windows service will be started when you turn on the computer (as most Windows services). See Running Email Parser as a Windows service for more information.

Connect to Email Parser online

Use this mode if you want email processing to happen without keeping your computer switched on. Your email sources, parsers and actions will be stored and run in the servers. See What is Email Parser Online for more details.


How to change the running mode

You can change the running mode at any time just choosing other running mode and clicking “Apply changes”. As the settings (sources, parsers and actions) are saved per running mode, Email Parser will ask you if you want to copy the current configuration to the new running mode: