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Logging output to a log file


See also:
Tracking what happened with processed emails



Email Parser supports logging all the output you see in the right panel of the application in a log file. This can be enabled under the Preferences dialog as seen in the screenshot below:



As you can see the size of the log file can be limited to prevent it to grow huge and take too much disk space. Email Parser will check after each run the size of the log file and cut it the top lines until the size constrain is reached.

The format of the log file is HTML and it looks like the actual output you can see in Email Parser. You can open it with any web browser normally or directly click on the “Show log file” button on the Preferences dialog. Email Parser will use the default system web browser in this case.

Note also that, if you are using Email Parser Online, the log file is not available. The only way to check what Email Parser did is to check the Processed emails tab.