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I think that anyone that regularly deals with emails from the public know that anything can pop up in an email. I have seen single quotes, double quotes, smiley faces, CRLFs, and a host of other strange characters. Many of these cause an error when you attempt to insert them into a database. I would like to see a check box to allow me to filter anything but the normal text characters.

Conversely, I would like the ability to create my own RegEx filter on the text being parsed from the email before it is inserted into the database. Without this feature, the Email&Parser program will error on any message that includes any strange characters, and since you can't re-process the message again, that data is gone.
Absolutely. Better yet allow the use of parameterized SQL. I was pretty excited about the posibility of using this, and selling this, to many of my clients but that's pretty tough considering if someone named "O'reily" fills out one of their web forms the process will fail.
Has anything been done about this feature request ? I can't see the software deployed in a production environment without it !
Hello there,

This feature as not been implemented yet sorry. In the meantime I suggest to create a script email parser that takes the email body and does the filtering.
Hi folks,
A simple way to implement this would be to allow users to create a character map. For instance, a single-quote could be mapped to present itself as an underscore, or a space, or whatever. A smiley face could be mapped to present itself as :) instead. That way, when a user's database coughs because it's being presented a character it does not understand, the user can remap that offending character to something else that the db does understand.
David Mitchell, San Diego
An small update to this old topic. Just in case anyone finds this.

From version 4.5 and up you can remove (filter) any character from the email body or any other field using the text capturing method "filtering and replacing":

- Click on "Add email parser"->"Add field"->Select "Filtering and Replacing" in the list
- Enable "Replace any of the following characters"
- Type any of the caracters you want to be removed in the text box below
- Leave blank the text box "with this text"