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Hi - not sure if this can presently be done - but I would like to be able to insert an attachment (jpg image) to a field in a MySQL table

(to have an Ipad drawing written sig (JPG PIC) inserted into a field in a MySQL table


Thanks Julian. It cannot be done in the current version but I am almost sure that will be supported in the future. Working with attachments is something that should be somewhat supported.
thanks - any news on the release date for the next version? (with scripting etc)

Hi Julian,

The new release is here with scripting and much more. However, attachment handling will come in the next version, not yet, sorry.
can CSV file attachments be parsed yet or will that be later?
I know some other similar software can append CSV attachments into the body to make them available for parsing.

No, sorry. Attachments is something that the app still cannot handle. It is one of the features that are on the top of the wishlist (along with others like la bigger and more complete script editor).
Hi - any eta on "the next major release"?

thanks - Julian
Hello again Julian,

We have been wondering about the features that should be included in the next version (and what of them not) and found that this one was too specific and think that it should be done with an script action. Sorry for that but if all the features are added to the program it would become very complex to use and we want to keep a compromise between simplicity/power

The underlying reason is that what Email&Parser really handles is text strings (fields) and an image in binary format does not fit in our idea.