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I use this tool to process vast volumes of automated email from another system. It general this works fine for me. However....

Once the email is processed by "Email & Parser" I don't really need any history of it, in the tool. I appreciate this is probably how the tool tracks processed email. But assuming I delete email from source as the email is processed, I don't need the history. I wouldn't mind it keeping history but it doesn't take long before opening the history tab becomes problematic as it takes many minutes to load and the database is nearly 1Gb. I am using 3.4.

So my suggestions are in no particular order, any would work for me:
  • The option to not store history of processed emails (possibly only when delete from source is enabled if that make it any easier?).
    The option to purge the history DB with a simple button (At the moment it is not partical to delete one email at a time, I have many 1000s).
    The option to handle large volumes of email history without app slow down, e.g. archive, (If the app does not slow down, I wouldn't mind it storing history).
I appreciate I am probably not a typical user, but I would assume anyone using the app for a period of time would run into similar issues.

The upcoming version 3.5 which will be released in a month approximately already have many fixes related to the email history performance. Many users have reported that it becomes slower as it grows.

And regarding to the option to disable or purge completely the email history we will consider it. I know many users do not use this window at all. What we probably do is to limit the database size to 4GB. Olders email will be deleted from the history once the limit is reached.

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and reporting the issues
Has this been fixed? It is still getting slower by each email download and option to disable saving emails is not functional in V4.5.
Yes, the slowing down error has been finally fixed in version 4.1. See the following forum thread:


However, for those coming to this topic. You can delete all the email history right clicking on any email and then clicking the delete button