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Can you create multiple filter constraints for the "from" field? I.e., if i'd only like to process messages from bob or jim, is there a way to handle this?
No, but in the next version (that will be released within a month or so) you can customize the email filters with scripts. Contact me then, to write you one to do this.
Thanks for your response. What scripting language do you use? and C#.

But I am wondering if finally only using one of them to make documentation and user support much easier. Any suggestions are welcome :)

Another question for you: Is there anyway to re-parse emails that have already been processed? There have been times where i didn't have a db action in place, and when i went to re-parse it wouldn't work since there were no "new" emails.

No, sorry. There is no way to do so. But this feature it is scheduled to be included in the version 1.5. Current is 1.3 and the next will be the 1.4 and as you know the major improvement will be scripting and will arrive in a couple of weeks or so. In the 1.5 I will focus more on how the emails are stored (this is a requirement for your request)
I've posted our conversation to the forum. I have another major question for you. When importing to a SQL server database, my subject lines and body text frequently have apostrophes ' which as you know breaks the import script. Do you have any workarounds?