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Hello Users,

we use now the EmailParser Program at our Station.
We got a lot of Mails every day, and they all have an attachment. But we don't Need that :-)

is is possible to ignore the Attachement, while checking and parsing the mail? because the delay costs us a lot of time.
It means: check the Body and parse the mail, but not to check the attachment.

Maybe somebody has any Idea?

and please sorry for my bad englisch :-) i'm from Germany. I hope u will understand all :-)

Hazelnut :-)

This is something that other users have already requested in the past. I will definitely add it to the things to be done in the next release.

Something like a checkbox in the email source settings to activate/deactivate attachment processing.

Your english is perfectly fine for me ;)
Thank u for ur fast answer 👍🏼

Could u may say, when u have planned the next Release?

Not sure, sorry. We are very focused right now in enabling Email Parser to be run online. But this is something I would say in the top 3 of things to do ahead.

Is it still in ur ToDo List?

I would be nice :-)

Have a nice day :-)
Sorry hazelnut112. This feature is not available yet.