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I just found Automated Email Parser - it is brilliant. Thanks so much!

I use GMail and have a number of rules set up already to move email to different folders(labels). So if I want to process those mails (i.e. download attachments for example) in Email Parser I have to set up multiple e-mail sources to the same GMail account, since I can only specify one folder for each.

IT would be great if I could select multiple folders to scan, then use filters to specify which folder the e-mail was found int.

Thanks for posting this. It is a very interesting topic.

With the current version (4.5) creating multiple email sources is the only way to go but there are workarounds if you use Gmail. You can create a label (shown as folders when using Gmail's IMAP) that groups all the emails from the different folders you want to process. As you probably know an email stored in Gmail can be labeled with many labels. In other words, it can be in multiple "folders" at the same time.

But this is a workaround I know. In the next version of Email Parser (4.6) Gmail will be a specific type of email source (IMAP will be no longer needed) and there will be a text box where you can enter a search term to filter directly the email using Gmail search engine. The syntax of that search box is the same as the search box in Gmail itself. To show emails from multiple labels (folders) you will have to use something like:
label:mylabel1 OR label:mylabel2 OR label:mylabel3
I advance a screenshot of the next version here to show exactly is is done: