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Option to not mark mail as read when downloading.

I need to record mail times in excel but the mail goes on to the inbox to be read manually.
one workaround is to set a mail server/client rule to copy whatever you want to parse, into a seperate folder. then configure auto parser to only parse this folder.
This way (only copied emails) in the designated folder will be marked as read, rest will stay untouched. you can of course also, delete mail from that folder once processed, from parser settings.
When Email Parser downloads an email it does not explicit tell the email server that the email has been read. Most of the times it is the email server that automatically mark an email as read when it is downloaded.

Email Parser could however tell the email server to mark that email as unread. The problem is that this behavior is not what most users expect.. or not...

I will add this to the possible features to the Email Source "Advanced settings". The problem is that this section is getting very crowded... many options and switches already.
i recently started to use email parser. It is a great software.
Have you continued on implemeting a feature to set emails UNREAD or leave them UNREAD on the server? I can't find it in the software.
I need this feature as i only want to parse some of the emails an leave the rest "untouched" for myself to read/work on.
Isn'r there an action to e.g. set email as unread if certain rule does not match ... ? or how do you solve such an issue?
Thanks alot.