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Several times, I have accidentally closed the application when clicking on the up right icon ("close") instead on the "minimize" one. As I was not aware of this event, the system were stopped for hours or days, until users warned me

It would be very useful including a pop-up asking for confirmation, when clicking on the "Close" icon

Julian Marquez
Hola Julian,

What do you think about a pop-up asking for confirmation only when Email&Parser is processing emails?

When the program is doing nothing I think that a warning is not needed. Most of the times the user actually wants to close the program (users hate unwanted pop-ups)
This option is not optimal for me.

Another proposal: when clicking on the CLOSE icon (top right), minimize if a new option in Settings is set to TRUE. If FALSE, application is closed

This behaivour is the same included in Bittorrent application for PC