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Request Move Email instead of Delete Email

I currently use Delete Email as last automation step.

Would prefer to be using SMTP move email
using SMTP move email
I guess you meant "IMAP". Yes, be able to move email between folder would be very useful. It would be handy to move processed email to a "processed" folder, for example.

I will add this to the list. Thanks.
Any updates for this? I know it's been almost a year since the original request...


No updates on this yet. We are focusing now on other features that seem to be more requested such as Google sheets, Zapier integration and running Email Parser online instead of in the local computer... and bug fixing of course.

But this is something already in the roadmap.
I just logged in to request a Move Email feature and found this topic. This would be very useful, I'm adding my vote.
Thanks Colin. It seems this feature is more important than expected
Also adding my vote :)
For us it´s a buy decission :D
Hi guys,

This feature has just been added to the 4.7 Beta version. You can download it from:
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