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In the automated processes is it possible to write to CSV file instead of text or Excel .xlsx files? I need to write the parsed information in a csv file. How can I do that?

Thanks for your help in advance.
Did you ever get this resolved?

My solution was to create an automated process using the write to text file option.

In the file name, give the file whatevername.csv. You could also use the .txt for the extension, then rename to .csv after the parser ran.

In the text to insert, for text fields, you put the " (double quote), your field name, another ", then comma.

If the field is a numeric type field, omit the two quotes.

"<%FIELD1%>","<%FIELD2%>",<%FIELD3%>, "<%FIELD4%>"

Field1, Field2, and Field4 are character strings; Field3 is number.
Thanks Vanmark. Yes, that is exactly the way to go.