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Need help configuring the program? Have any questions regarding its use?
Hi, just updated to 4.6 from 4.5. Should I be able to copy over the settings from the %APPDATA% 4.5 folder to the 4.6? Appreciate any assistance.
Hi Nick,

The first time the version 4.6 is run it automatically takes the settings from the version 4.5.

You can also run the latest setup without uninstalling the version 4.5 first. It will take care of updating the files.

And you can even open the version 4.5, save the settings to a file (under Preferences), uninstall it from control panel, install the version 4.6 and go to Preferences and load the settings from the file.
Thats what I thought but when I ran the installer, without uninstalling 4.5, it didnt keep any of the settings. I still have the old files out of the APPDATA area though.
In that case, it must be a bug of Email Parser. Could you contact me at it would be very useful if you could send the APPDATA folder as a zip file but if you are concerned about privacy we can talk by phone and share the your screen via TeamViewer. You have to pick a time in the support button that appears at the bottom of this website.
Just sent it. Thank you.
I have the same issue. I left 4.5 installed and then installed 4.6. The configuration does not appear in 4.6
For the people experiencing this issue I suggest manually updating their configuration directory. It can be done this way:

1) Go to the folder where Email Parser saves everything. This can be done typing %APPDATA% in the address bar of the Windows file explorer. That is the window you normally use to browse files and folders in Windows.

Usually this will bring you to C:\Users\your user\AppData\Roaming. Go to the folder:

"FrozenFrog Software\EmailParser\"

You will find a subdirectory for every version of Email Parser you have run. If you have used more than one version of Email Parser you will find a subdirectory for each one. For example, a folder named "" for the version 4.5, "" for the version 4.3 and so on.

2) Close Email Parser and backup or copy these folders somewhere, just in case.

3) Change the name of the folder to

4) Open Email Parser 4.6 and you should see your settings in the left panel
Actually had to replace the contents of C:\Users\your user\AppData\Roaming\EmailParser to make it work instead or in addition to C:\Users\your user\AppData\Roaming\FrozenFrog Software\EmailParser but it now works. Appreciate the assistance.
I had to do the same as nickburns to resolve the issue. Thanks Nick & Support