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Hello there,

I would like to share here an email I wrote to an user regarding the current status of the Email&Parser development. It contains information about the current roadmap and some behind-the-scenes information you may find insteresting ;)
I have a specification of the program to follow, it is plain text file where I write down comments received by the users, ideas I have and a rough roadmap to follow. It is the method I used for ScriptFTP (our other program) and the people were fairly happy with the result. The problem is, as usually happens, the time to have all this features to be actually implemented.

At this moment what we plan to do in the following weeks is to finish the new documentation (that fits the features on the version 3.1) and a examples or use cases section. This is about 30% done . Also, we will fix any bug found on the 3.1 Beta version. We will try to not implement any further feature, it is what we call in software development (as you already know) a "feature freeze".