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Dear Team,

I need to set the emailparser as a service under windows task scheduler, can you please suggest the way to achieve this?

If you could let me know the arguments to be passed with the exe as command line prompt in the windows task scheduler to be able to run emailparser as service, then this would be helpful.

Some users have been able to run Email&Parser as a service using a tool called FireDaemon. You may find it useful.

If you want to set it up as a Scheduled task note that Email&Parser does not accept command line parameters. It takes all the config from:
<Application Data Folder>\Roaming\FrozenFrog Software\EmailAndParser\<version>\Settings.xml
So if, for example, your user is "Sonia" and you are using EmailAndParser 3.4 under Windows 7 it will be:
C:\Users\Sonia\AppData\Roaming\FrozenFrog Software\EmailAndParser\\Settings.xml
Remember to set the scheduled task to be run under the user "Sonia" to get your Email&Parser configuration loaded correctly.

If you have any other questions feel free to post here again. Hopefully the next version of Email&Parser will make running it as a service easier.