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I can filter the parsing ,but how downloading of emails can be filtered? I need to avoid downloading and parsing of old emails, as using date filter only parsing can be controlled. Plz suggest as im nt able to move further and its time consuming.
You can avoid older messages directly in the email source if you use IMAP. Steps:

1) Open your email source. Set it up as IMAP.
2) Scroll down in the email source settings window until "Advanced setting is shown"
3) Check "Ignore emails older than..." and select a date.

The option is available for IMAP and not POP server
Yes, for POP server this feature would be not possible to implement. The program cannot know how old the emails are without actually downloading them and checking the email header. More modern protocols such as IMAP allows to retrieve emails with more parameters such as the date. POP only gives an index number, nothing else.

The only workaround for this is to remove the very old emails from the POP inbox...
I am not sure I understand the exact problem. I am using POP. Once you download an email, you can't download it again without changing the email source type. I have been using the email parser for some years now, and have never had a problem leaving the old email in the inbox and manually going in and moving it later after I have verified the results. I have never had a duplicate download. Not sure if this is a "bug", but, the POP connection appears to work similar to Outlook.
I have never had a duplicate download
I think that in your case the POP server has changed the indexes of the emails in the INBOX. Modern protocols do not have this problem. Sometimes happens and Email Parser does not have a way to know if it is the same email or not without actually downloading them. It is really weird I know.

Try using an email filter instead. and set it to process the emails from a given date. Email Parser will download everything on the INBOX :? but at least will only process the newer emails...