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My attachment contains a few columns, and column#1 is a barcode which consists of the following as an example:

BAG 3565A|2|100321|CHP

I'd like to be able to extract these values along with one of the columns of data and shove into SQL.
Is this possible?

Thanks much,
Hello Rich,

Yes, it is possible. You can use the following regular expression:

Code: Select all(?'field1'.*?)\|(?'field2'.*?)\|(?'field3'.*?)\|(?'field4'.*)

Take a look at the screenshots below for more details. Also, you have some database examples in the examples section of this website ( that show you how to use the fields once extracted from the email.
regular_expression_1.jpg (118.1KiB)Viewed 725 times
regular_expression_2.jpg (116.57KiB)Viewed 725 times
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regular_expression_4.jpg (117.37KiB)Viewed 725 times
excellent, many thanks!
The entire line is:
BAG 3565A|2|100321|CHP 1 QR_CODE 2018-07-26T15:53:46-04:00

and I've been trying all morning to also extract the "1"
once I get that, I'm done.

Ive tried ignoring alpha characters before the 1...and a ton of other things which are failing..
REGEX isn't my strong suit!
;) try this

If you are curious about how regular expressions work you can use this website:
It has a regular expression editor that gives you all the hints and you can learn a lot
regexp_parsing_emails.jpg (115.55KiB)Viewed 715 times
{bowing in reverence}