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I want to capture all the text in an email body but leave out the sign-off based on the following conditions:

IF the email ends with a sign-off such as "Regards" or "Best Regards" THEN
capture all the text in the body before the sign-off
capture all the text in the body of the email

Please ignore case in "Regards" and "Best Regards"

This can be done with regular expressions and also as a script-based parser. The problem is that it cannot be distinguised when the content of the email body text contains "best regards" as part of the message (rare) or the sign-off. For example:
Hello Joe

Please, give Mary my best regards when you see her. I am very glad she helped me with bla bla bla....

Hi there,

I downloaded your program and bla bla bla bla

Best regards,
Paul Allen

Please, do not print this email. I am a very ecologist guy. bla bla bla keep our environment bla bla bla