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I'm trying to setup a catchall rule, but don't know how to specify it to be used if everything else fails. I attempted to use the "be blocked by any of the following filters" hoping that if none of the other filters matched, since there's specific matches, it would run the catch all.

I'm finding that the screen log shows it running filters, it will find a match, but will also match the catchall rule.


To catch the emails that do not pass the filters you have to create a filter with the rule "be blocked by all the following filters" and left the other settings blank:


And to catch all the emails wether or not they have passed the filters you have to attach the email parser or action directly to the email source:


I have attached to this post a example file that you can load in Email Parser that I think it covers all your questions.
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Hi - That did it. However, as I read it, any should also work...if any of the rules above are "hit" it should skip the "catchall"....