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Hello Everyone,

I'm hoping the forum is the correct place to post this. I'm needing a bit of assistance with a project I've created within Email Parser. We receive an email that has an attachment named "PO Document No.: 1234567890.pdf" with a different PO number each email. We only want to save the file with the actual PO number and file extension.

I've created a Parser "Parse Email 2" that captures the Field AttachedFileName. "Email Attachment Name Modification 2" finds the text with a regular expression (PO Document No..) and removes it along with removing leading spaces and retains the file extension (Image 1). The testing area shows the desired output.

Next I have "Action 2" that checks if the attachment is a PDF and if it is continues onward (Image 2).

Now we have reached the Save current email attachments action "Save Attached PDF 2" which is saving the attachment to "C:\Documents\Incoming" only if it is a *.pdf attachment type (Image 3). At this step I'd like to know how to save the file with the filename modification from image 1 or if there is a different way I should be performing this. All of my attempt have ended with the file saving as the original filename format of "PO Document No.: 1234567890.pdf" rather than "1234567890.pdf".

Any assistance would be appreciated!


By the way, wonderful product!
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Hi Glen,

Thanks for all the details and the screenshots. This is something that is asked from time to time by email and it is great to have a good example in the forum.

You have to rename the saved PDF with an action of type "Run command under Windows command prompt". The rename command is this one:

Code: Select allrename "<%SavedAttachmentPath%>" "<%Email Attachment Name Modification 2%>"

The field "SavedAttachmentPath" field is created by the action that saves the attachment. Some screenshots attached to show how it works.

By the way, wonderful product!

Thanks! :)
Worked Beautifully! Thank you Carlos.

I wish I could get this responsive of support from other vendors!