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Hi there,
I assume that it is no problem for the experts. Unfortunately, I am not so familiar with scripting.
Can someone show me these 3-4 lines how to parse dd.MM.yyyy into yyyy-mm-dd date format.
Everything else I have already configured and it works perfectly.

Many thanks in advance to all

There are more than one way to do this but using Regular Expressions for capturing the day, month and year separately I think it is the best one.

The regular expression is:

Code: Select all(?'day'\d\d).(?'month'\d\d).(?'year'\d\d\d\d)

I have attached some screenshots with an example. If you have any questions or need more help feel free to ask me for more details
Unbelievably fantastic support 8-)
Thanks guys!
Had nearly the same question after hours of googling (capture groups) \1\r
And failing.

Thank you.

Your software web\app is amazing, because it requires users to Learn.