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I just wanted to take a minute to share my experience with other users out there considering a solution to their email parsing problem. My issue required parsing emails in my inbox and integrating the data into my Mailchimp list via the API. I had gotten several quotes for an entirely custom solution but it was cost prohibitive.

I found Email Parser through Google and downloaded it, and on the surface, it seemed to have the parsing needs handled. I contacted Carlos to see if he would be able to create script to connect with Mailchimp. For an extremely reasonable cost, he learned the API and was able to create a beautiful script for me that does exactly what I want. Throughout the process, he was polite and very capable, and very determined to get the job done to my specifications.

The end results worked exactly how I had hoped, and I couldn't be happier. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Carlos and his software in the future. :)
Thanks for the nice post :)

I will copy here the script we made for this customer under our consultancy services we offer:

We of course have asked for his permission to post the script here. It subscribles people to a MailChimp group. I guess it may be useful for some customers or at least an example of what can be accomplished with the Email&Parser scripting capabilities.

using System;
using System.Text;
using System.IO;
using System.Net.Mail;
using System.Configuration;
using System.Collections.Specialized;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using EmailAndParser.ScriptingInterface;
using PerceptiveMCAPI;
using PerceptiveMCAPI.Types;
using PerceptiveMCAPI.Methods;

public class MyAction : ScriptBasedAction
public override bool Run(MailMessage email, NameValueCollection fields)
bool result = SubscribeToGroup(fields["first_name"],fields["last_name"],fields["To"],fields["date"]);

return (result);

public bool SubscribeToGroup(String first_name, String last_name, String email_address, String group_name)

String apikey ="xxxxxxxxx";

// input parameters, using default apikey
listsInput input = new listsInput(apikey);

// Execution
lists cmd = new lists(input);
listsOutput output = cmd.Execute();

listsResults list = null;

// Find the list "General serving"
foreach (listsResults list_item in output.result)
if ( == "General Serving")
list = list_item;

if (list == null)
Print("The list General Serving does not exist in the MailChimp account");
return (false);

// Create the interest group with the date
listInterestGroupAddParms params3 = new listInterestGroupAddParms(apikey,, group_name);
listInterestGroupAddInput input3 = new listInterestGroupAddInput(params3);
listInterestGroupAdd command3 = new listInterestGroupAdd(input3);

listInterestGroupAddOutput output3 = command3.Execute();

if (output3.result)
Print("The group " + group_name + " has been created");
else if (output3.api_ErrorMessages.Count > 0 && output3.api_ErrorMessages[0].code == "270")
Print("The group " + group_name + " already exists");
Print("Error. Could not create the group " + group_name);
return (false);

// Get the id of the group
listInterestGroupingsParms params4 = new listInterestGroupingsParms(apikey,;
listInterestGroupingsInput input4 = new listInterestGroupingsInput(params4);
listInterestGroupings command4 = new listInterestGroupings(input4);

listInterestGroupingsOutput output4 = command4.Execute();

Int32 grouping_id = 0;
foreach(listInterestGroupingsResults group_item in output4.result)
if( == "Serving Date")
grouping_id = group_item.grouping_id;

if (grouping_id == 0)
Print("Could not find the grouping id");
return (false);
Print("The grouping id is " + grouping_id.ToString());

bool result1 = AddSomeoneToGroup(first_name, last_name, email_address, apikey, grouping_id, group_name, list);
bool result2 = AddSomeoneToGroup("Stephanie", "Chang", "", apikey, grouping_id, group_name, list);
bool result3 = AddSomeoneToGroup("David","Huie", "", apikey, grouping_id, group_name, list);

return (result1 && result2 && result3);

private bool AddSomeoneToGroup(String first_name, String last_name, String email_address, String apikey, Int32 grouping_id, String group_name, listsResults list)

// Add the subscriber to the list insterest group
Dictionary<string, object> merge_vars = new Dictionary<string, object>();
merge_vars.Add("FNAME", first_name);
merge_vars.Add("LNAME", last_name);

List<interestGroupings> groupings = new List<interestGroupings>();
interestGroupings ig = new interestGroupings(); = grouping_id; = "Serving Date";
ig.groups = new List<string>();

merge_vars.Add("GROUPINGS", groupings);

listSubscribeParms param = new listSubscribeParms(apikey,, email_address, merge_vars, EnumValues.emailType.html,false,true,false,false);
listSubscribeInput list_subscribe_input = new listSubscribeInput(param);
listSubscribe ls = new listSubscribe(list_subscribe_input);

listSubscribeOutput output2 = ls.Execute();

Print(email_address + " added to the group " + group_name);
else if (output2.api_ErrorMessages.Count > 0 && output2.api_ErrorMessages[0].code == "214")
Print(email_address+" is already subscribed to that group");
Print("Could not add "+email_address+" to the group "+group_name);

return (output2.result);


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