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I am comming from germany and i use the email parser 4.5. I have a Problem with encoding text files. Is it possible to change the encoding to ANSI? Actually i see ASCII and UTF-8. My problem is that the german letters ö,ü,, etc. are decoded incorrectly.

Thanks a lot, have a nice christmas time

Selecting UTF8 should be enough to save German characters like ö or ü. Can you send a screenshot or any other details to try to get the same problem here? I have just checked the action "Save to TXT file" with UTF8 and German characters and it seems it worked. Any other info is welcome, may be this is a bug
thanks a lot for your answer. I would like to describe my problem again. I attached an screenshot that hopefully discribe my problem :lol: . The txt. file that i get with the mail is in ANSI.
Ok, I see. Thanks for the screen shot.

You need to update to the most recent version (5.1) and note that to parse contents from an attached TXT file you need to use a field of type "Read attachment contents" (this does not exist in 4.5

thanks for your answer. I did the update to parser 5.1 and have set up as described in the link, that you sent. Unfortunately, the text file is already displayed incorrectly during the test. I have attached a screenshot to you. When I look at the text file in the editor under Windows 10, everything is displayed correctly. I also did a screenshot for that. I'm desperate :cry: