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I have a daily backup for EmailParser files (Setttings.xml, epsettings, and sdf files).

Epsettings file is bigger than 1,7Gb. sdf files into %appdata% are also big: 900Mb and 500Mb

1. Which data are stored into each one?
2. How can each file be reduced?
3. Should I include any additional file in my backup?

Julian M.
Hello Julian,

.epsettings is in fact a zip file that contains:
- Settings.xml (the items of the left panel)
- a folder for each email source, named with numbers. There you can find:
- an eml file containing each email processed.
- one database file containing some metadata (processed date, fields, output, etc)

The importan settings are those stored in the xml file. The rest are related to email history and you can delete them.

If you reneme .eppsettings to .zip you can easily browse its contents