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Need help configuring the program? Have any questions regarding its use?
I want to extract words in the "Subject" or "Body" of an incoming email and use them as parser fields as follows:

First word becomes field M0
Second word becomes field M1
Third word becomes field M2
Fourth word becomes field M3
The rest of the words become field M4

After extraction I want to insert these fields into a MySQl database table

How do I do this?

The best way to do so is to create a regular expression parser and then a MySQL action:
mysql_insert_example.jpg (9.17KiB)Viewed 4482 times
The regular expression parser looks like this:
See the attached configuration file. Drag and drop this file on the Email&Parser left panel to load this example.

If you have any other questions feel free to post again.
example configuration file
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When I drag and drop the example file into the left panel I get the following error message:

"Cannot load EmailAndParser configuration from the file C:\Users\PC\AppData\Local\Temp\822\Setting.xml. Check that the file can be accessed and no other process is using it.

There is an error in XML document (19,6)"
It works! And the example seems to work to.
Thanks a lot
I have a challenge with the example RegEx parser
It does not extract email addresses or web addresses when they are in positions M0, M1, M2 or M3.

I want to be able extract email addresses or web addresses as well. Please advise.
Try the attached settings file. I have updated the regular expression to match also email addresses and urls. In the first post I thought you neeeded only to match "normal" words.

For those curious about the regular expressions used:
If, for example, we receive the following text: word4 word5 fgdfgd gfsdfgsd gfsdgfsd gfsdgfsd
The result is:

Parsing email....
1 value found for the field M0.
1 value found for the field M1.
1 value found for the field M2.
1 value found for the field M3.
1 value found for the field M4.

The email parser produced the following results:
M2: word4
M3: word5
M4: fgdfgd gfsdfgsd gfsdgfsd gfsdgfsd
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