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hi has anyone made a full fledged email system using parsing service and storing email into database

Also filtering messages if duplicate not to be stored into the database

i m looking forward to have an online email system to be used by all user and the email account will be only one on the mail server but users will see only the emails in which they are in to or cc or bcc

With Email Parser you can store emails in a database. However, for the online system where your users can log in, you need something else. For instance, a PHP web application. Your users would log in in this web app to access the data (emails) stored in the database by Email Parser.
Our Setup eliminated the need for our workers to post their work details in two different systems : We purchased a VPS server from Win-VPS $6.99/mo (Service is fine but they have too many maintenance shutdowns).... Setup EmailParser on it and Gmail feeds it. Our SQL database is on a different server so we also setup Persistent SSH to connect EmailParser to the SQL Database.... We currently parse 6 variations of emails that come from one of our customers that uses GoCanvas. Our workers post their work into GoCanvas, we then receive an email, emailparser sends the data and SQL creates an internal ticket that contains the workers notes and time spent.... Each time an email is posted to the Database EmailParser sends me an email. Win-VPS blocks outgoing email so I use ClickSend.... We use PHPrunner to build our web front-end to the SQL Database (Great Product). This has been operational for about 2 months and EmailParser has successfully processed over 600 emails. Hope this Helps
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