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In my script I am running a Powershell action that calls the Invoke-RestMethod. This call returns 3 items (receipt, status, and request) when it runs. When I look at the processing log I see the action script (Open Push to Pushover) running and below it I get the returned variables. My specific question is how can I pull these variables back into emailparser so I can save them to my DB (which is the next action)?

Part of processing log below -----------------------

········ Running action Open Push to Pushover
Running powershell script C:\Windows\TEMP\tmpFCF4.tmp.ps1

receipt status request
------- ------ -------
rnbnawd6kktwva1ubruakox7arqi1n 1 0ecef4d0-50d9-4330-a7f3-092b15dee3ae

I am afraid this is not currently possible, sorry. PowerShell scripts cannot return data back to Email Parser. For that you may find useful the script actions.