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Goal: to see if a field contains the word "NONE"
If it does, delete that value and set the fields new value to ""

I'm trying to take field#4 here(NONE), and remove the text for further processing
"3M 7448|100321|101054|NONE|myPOno|","","1","","2018-09-21T09:04:33-04:00"

I'd like to end up with:
"3M 7448|100321|101054||myPOno|","","1","","2018-09-21T09:04:33-04:00"
You can do that with a kind of text capture method called "Filtering and replacing". Just typing NONE and then a space character below
replace_none_with_an_space.jpg (144.84KiB)Viewed 4433 times
Is it possible to match (NONE)|(SOME) with regex. ...

.... But I can’t seem to use regex in the following “replace with” Input space

I.e. ^(Foo) | ^(Bar)

What am I missing, friend.
Hey Hugh,

Give me a full example of the incoming text and what you expect as a result. I will give you the regexp
Thank you for the emailed solutions. Excellent customer service. 8-)