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Hi, I"m able to parse the field values, but how do I include the field names in my excel document?

I.e. NAME: Timmy

my excel only has Timmy



What if you create the column names in advance in sheet, does it append to next line when parsing in excel?
I agree that you need to pre populate the spreadsheet with those columns.
There is a trick for this. It is called multiple step parsing. It basically means using a parsing value as input for another parsing.

In this case, what you need to do is to manage to exctract the name with an additional character in the beginning, for example a space. I mean " Timmy" instead of "Timmy".

Then do the following:
You would get this as a result:
Field name: "name"
Field value: " Timmy"
Field name: "add_name_to_name"
Field value: "Name: Timmy"