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Parser allows you to send an email after a certain function has completed.

How do I delay the email.
Or send an email at a specified 9 p.m. time slot instead of immediately?

Or how do I create a new function that checks time and sends mail.
Hi Bob,

I have written a small example that shows you how can be done. You can download the settings file at the bottom of this post. Just drag and drop this file over the Email Parser left panel and the items are added to your current ones.

The example checks the current time and runs a send email automated process. The two items it has look like this:
check_time.jpg (28.75KiB)Viewed 1292 times
You need to set Email Parser to run for every 5 minutes:
There is a script that checks if the current time is between 21:00 and 21:05. Note that it is needed to set this script to be run every time Email Parser runs (see the top right corner)
And finally the automated process that sends the email:
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Thanks for the script.

How do I send email on certain weekdays only?
What kind of language is this script?