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Need help configuring the program? Have any questions regarding its use?
I have upgraded from version to version 3.0.

I want to import my email sources, parsers and actions to the new version.
I saved the configuration file of version 2 ; the extension of the file is .ep2db. When I drag and drop this file into the Email&Parser left panel I get an error message that says "... file is not a valid Email&Parser configuration file".

The xml files in the directory ".../roaming/frozenfrog software/emailandparser/..." are only for version 3.0 only.

What to do?

Configurations files from version 1 and 2 are not compatible with the version 3, sorry. The way Email&Parser works is so different that we cannot be backwards compatible. You need to set up again you email sources and the rest of the settings.

We know that this can bother some users but we needed to cut with older releases to improve many aspects of the program.

If you need help setting everything up with the new version feel free to contact via email at support@emailparser2database. You can attach your old settings file if you want.