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The forum is now read only. Please, go to the the main Email Parser website if you need help.
Need help configuring the program? Have any questions regarding its use?
It would be more usable including the Release Notes incuded currently in, also in download page, together with download link


New version 3.4

This new version is mostly a bug fixing release that addresses some minor errors you may have found in the previous release. It also includes some new features:

- A much improved email history window. It now supports filtering emails by the received date, sender address, processing result and email subject.
- Faster email history window when many (thousands) of emails are listed.
- Flow arrows on the left panel that start on bifurcation conditions now are red or green depending on the condition.

For Windows XP / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2008, 7 and 8.

Download link: EmailAndParser_setup.msi (5.2 MB)
Hi Julian,

Yes, that information could be useful in the download section but I think that the less cluttered the content of a website the better. I guess that most users will go to the News/Blog section to see what is new in that version.