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I am trying to use Text capture method : Starts after and continue until. It work fine in testing area. But when i run parser entire text gets captured . Both screen shots have attached. Basically i do not want to parse entire mail trail but only recent emails, as it increases the size beyond 4000 chr. or cn u suggest me how can i store character more than 4000 . My table column is also a CLOB type but then also its not supporting. Plz suggest
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capture text.png
capture text.png (66.91KiB)Viewed 839 times

When the testing area results and the actual results with the real email mismatch it is usually because line breaks. For example, the testing area use \n only (the standard) while the email can come with \r\n. Although the text looks the same, the characters are not and the parser fails.

I suggest changing your regular expression to handle this. The following link will give you some more info. It is a very common issue:

Thanks, for the screenshots, by the way. They help a lot